Business Consultancy

Sales Process Consulting
Together with clients’ management team, Griffin Vietnam assesses the situation, provides a strategic road-map and tactical activities in terms of a fully aligned and transparent process for sales to achieve efficiencies and exceed sales volumes.

Our sales process consulting is crucial for clients involved in a highly competitive marketplace, as they demand integration and consistency across the sales team to assure the growth or they want to evaluate their sales strategy before choosing appropriate formal training courses.

Customer Service Consulting
Customer service is an ultimate experience where customer interactions with your company are easy, informative and exceed the customers’ expectations. Companies with excellent customer service always customize and integrate their systems, structures, management styles and employment practices to suit their strategic goals.
Griffin Vietnam will examine to the heart of what customers mean to the client, define and reinforce commitment and consistent efforts from everyone in the company in order to achieve a top-class customer service culture.

Strategy & Planning Training
Griffin Vietnam's strategic consulting services and training & training plan for the business is a full service. We will make room to function as a training & development for enterprise customers to make the strategy, planning, partner selection, quality assessment and performance results after training.


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