Corporate Training

Depending on the order of business, Griffin Vietnam will develop a suitable training program including training modules that are tailored for the implementation methods, selection of trainers and consultants to ensure sure maximum effectiveness and results.

Training modules

1.    Soft-skills Training
Soft-skills are designed for all employees to sharpen their personal skills. It includes a number of skills such as work planning, communication, presentation, logic & thinking, debate & critic, self-motivation, teamwork, report writing skills, networking, time management, critical thinking, problem solving & decision making skills.

2.    Sales Training
Griffin Vietnam's sales training courses are designed and specialized for each type of business of the enterprise, to equip sales teams with the skills they require to expand their market and achieve higher sales volume with qualified and confident performance.
Including some of the following skill programs are: sales service, project sales, agent sales, direct sales, telephone sales, supermarket/showroom sales, established distribution channel, sales management skills for managers, conquering difficult customers, identifying customer psychology for sales success, sales relationships management.

3.    Customer service Training
Customer service is a series of courses on customer care for both internal customers and external customers, whole staff of customer care representatives and direct sales force, trade promotion staff.

4.    Leadership & Management Training
Griffin Vietnam’s wide range of Management & Leadership Training courses provide managers with crucial knowledge and skills designed to guide them to success.
Our tools, practice management style and leadership behavior courses are custom tailored to include management skills for new managers, professional leadership skills, maximizing team performance, HR for non HR managers, change management and people management training.

5.    Human Resources (HR), Training and Coaching Programs
HR and Trainer training programs are structured to provide a broad overview of HR by providing practical understanding of core issues relating to personnel from strategy to implementation. Griffin Vietnam provides it in one package and a program for the management & leadership including skills for job interviewing, performance evaluation, staff training & development, staff coaching, Labor Law for amateur management.


For further inquiries on Griffin Vietnam's Corporate Training service, please contact us at:

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