Organizational Communication

Griffin Vietnam offers services in organizational communication that are aligned with your marketing and public relations strategy. As effective organizational communication brings significant recognition for the company’s achievement among all stakeholders, ranging from employees and customers, the investors, the government to the corporate sector and the public, we help you build sustainable relationships with them for business success.

Griffin Vietnam also offers coach (lead - expert) service in accordance with the needs of the enterprise. Our coaches give advice, analysis and guidance with radical techniques to coachees (the lead) to find the most suitable solutions in helping individual capacity.

Organizational Communication Services
1.    Internal Communication

  • Employee communication audits
  • Internal communications strategies and programs
  • Employee engagement communications
  • Leadership and management communication programs

2.    Corporate Events

  • Appreciation events for employees    
  • Executive retreat & incentive programs
  • Seminars & Conferences


For further inquiries on Griffin Vietnam's Organizational Communication service, please contact us at:

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